Wildlife Care

Our loving wildlife care section holds adorable bird houses and hedgehog houses that will look perfectly picturesque in your garden, ensuring that even the creatures are cared for. A hedgehog house is a special way to encourage wildlife into the garden, providing them with a home of protection amongst shrubbery, away from the harsh elements, and a cosy place to hibernate during the winter. Additionally, our delightful bird houses serve as a snug habitat to welcome feathered friends.

Having a wildlife filled garden is a therapeutic and beneficial way to enjoy and connect with nature, as well as a way of caring for the smaller, but equally important beings we are surrounded by. The 'All Birds Welcome Wooden Bird House' features an adorable hanging sign with 'All Birds Welcome' text and a sawtooth hanger on the back to make positioning and use efficient: the perfect bird accommodating fixture. As well as this, our 'Wooden Hedgehog House', with a 'Hedgehogs Welcome' sign and an opening perfect in size for keeping out any unwanted guests, is an irresistible popular choice for wildlife care. Browse our sweet wildlife care section to discover an assortment of bird houses, bird feeders, hedgehog houses and more that will make your garden a welcoming sanctuary for small animals.