Home Fragrances

Permeate your home with pleasant smelling aromas from our extensive range of Home Fragrances, including a divine collection of Oil DiffusersIncense Sticks, Home Fragrance Oils and more. At The Home Furnisher, we understand that a homes smell has a huge impact on its atmosphere and is usually one of the first impressions upon entrance. Nothing can uplift the spirit of your home like a refreshing or cosy feel good fragrance, and with plenty of products to choose from, you'll find the perfect signature scent to create a welcoming ambiance and leave a long lasting impression.
Our wide selection of Diffuser Oils hold an array of beautiful scents as well as multiple physical and physchological health benefits. From blends of  essential oils for a variety of purposes - our 'Calm Blend Diffuser Oil' serves to de-stress and bring calm to your mind, the 'Sleep Blend Diffuser Oil' is a gorgeous mix of lavender, jasmine and sweet majoram and frankincense designed to help reduce tension and anxiety, while our 'Christmas Blend Diffuser Oil' of cinnamon, pine, berries and nutmeg is sure to invoke the festive season in your home on christmas morning. As well as this, choose from a wide range of breathtakng Backflow Incense Burners, Oil Burners and Incense Cones to elevate the aroma of your home in a more unique way.