Door Mats

A sturdy, hard-wearing Doormat brings character to your doorway, whilst keeping unwanted dirt and muddy prints out of the house and off of the lovely furniture. With environmentally friendly Doormats of natural coir, we promise a long-lasting range of fun and stylish printed mats to provide a warm welcome for you and your guests. Keeping the home clean can be an ongoing struggle, especially with constant wondering boots and little ones hurrying in and out, but with our selection of firm indoor and outdoor mats that combine practicality with style, choosing the right Doormat for your home has never been easier. Whether you want a simple easy mat for the back door or more of a quirky interesting fixture as an exciting impression upon entrance, we have a special collection of modish Doormats for you to choose from. From unusual printed texts such as our 'The Witch Is In Doormat', to more colourful prints and chic ones that'll suit any interior. All perfect, cost-effective ways to keep the house clean, contaminants away and add an extra decorative accessory to your home.