Bring a sense of comfort and warmth to your home during those crisp, cold winter evenings and enlighten your living space with a choice of scented and unscented candles, dinner candles, pillar candles, tealights and more. There's nothing quite as relaxing as a festive movie by candle light, just like you can't beat a refreshing fruity, floral or tropical scent in the summer.
From pillars and dinner candles to tealights and magic spell candles, our extensive range provokes beautiful home fragrences for a calm and welcoming perfume, a gorgeous flickering flame and the perfect romantic ambiance. With a mass of scents and designs to choose from, our 'vampire tears pillar candle' serves as a spooky trick and decoration for halloween, while the simple tealights, tree of life scented tealights and beeswax tealights go well with our special candle holders. As well as this, we offer a wide selection of scented soy wax candle jars and tins that are vegan friendly and cruelty-free. Shop our much adored collection and find a favourite tranquil-providing fixture for your home.